Drive vs. Taxi Driver



Taxi Driver this time around.

Drive is the better film here in my perspective. I really love Taxi Driver, but against Drive, it is hard to win.

Drive with Ryan Gosling is slightly better than Taxi Driver with Robert de Niro.

I always thought Taxi Driver was the true masterpiece over all the Scorsese's. It definitely beats Drive here.

I really liked Drive, but it doesn't hold a candle to Taxi Driver after watching them both recently.

Very similar movies. While Drive may be closer to my heart, Taxi Driver is the better film, and I have to go with it here.

Taxi Driver murders Drive

Definitely Taxi Driver... I think Drive is a great and very stylish, but Taxi Driver has way more substance.

My 8000th ranking. Taxi Driver for me, but Drive was fantastic.

It's a tough one but I think I'll go with Taxi Driver on this one

Taxi Driver wins this in a simplistic way.

All Drive is is a big cliche.Granted,it's done very well,but still...

Two films examine antisocial drivers on the brink of a violent outburst. Both films spiral into greatness and feature some brilliant support work (great stuff from Albert Brooks in both films). I'll take Taxi Driver, because it has the benefit of the seasoned De Niro and Scorsese's brilliant direction.


Taxi Driver is more iconic and a better film overall

taxi driver


Taxi Driver has so much more going for it.

I didn't even like Drive back when I saw it in theaters. Meanwhile, I love Taxi Driver and have rewatched it a few times. Taxi Driver wins.

This is a joke... Taxi Driver easily.

I mean, really. Drive is an overrated movie with some good soundtracks and no plot