Drive vs. Only God Forgives



These two aren't that comparable, but Drive wins by a long shot anyway. I felt that OGF was a black-hearted, excessively violent, self-serious mess. It's pretty to look at, but beyond the neon lights it's very ugly. Drive juggled its violence, story, characters and ambiguity very well. I don't think it's perfect like some do, but it is a great film.

drive is the much better film, i was really bored with only god forgives if i saw it in theaters I would have walked out

I loved both of these. Only God Forgives is one film that people will either really love or really hate; I really loved it. This is a very complicated decision for me.

So here's another opinion. While Drive wasn't really my cup of tea, I still liked quite a few things about it. The opening scene was fantastic, I liked all of the actors in the film, the "action" scenes were very well done and the soundtrack was great. Yeah, there was too much pointless staring and yeah, it was borderline pretentious a few times, but overall, I enjoyed it. I can't say I hated or even disliked Only God Forgives, but it was...meh. Everything I liked about Drive isn't present in this film and everything I disliked about Drive IS present and worse. It's way more pretentious and there's way more pointless staring. While I don't think there's anything "bad" in the film, I didn't really care about anything that was going on, yet at the same time I didn't mind seeing it. And it wasn't THAT pretentious that it made me mad like for example Gus van Sant's Paranoid Park did. Again, I didn't dislike it and I didn't think it was a bad film, but there's nothing really worth recommending about it either. Well, it looked nice, I guess. Meh. But if you hated Drive, then definitely stay away.

Only God Forgives is a mess at some parts, but it's a really good mess. Drive still wins by a long shot! OGF had an intriguing ending. Very Kubrick like.

Calling Only God Forgives good at anything but shooting neon lights is going way overboard in my book. These aren't comparable. My personal vote for this year's thumping dud (Evil Dead is a close second) vs. a pretty decent little thriller.

I love Winding Refn. Drive, to me, is the better movie, but OGF may be the bigger accomplishment. I understand how many people hate the movie or were bored with it, but he made a complete anti-film. The hero is able to do next to nothing of significance, the movie is carried by facial expression and actions rather than words and conversation, and the movie is ripe with symbolism. With so many movies that are churning out recycled plots, the fact that this film challenges the most basic elements that are film should be respected, even if you didn't find the film entertaining.

I honestly love both very much. Drive has the edge though.

Drive. Plain and simple.

I would have to go with Drive on this one but I still love only God forgives. I feel the movie is quite underestimated, although I can see how some people may not like it.


OGF was a terrible disappointment after Drive.