Drive vs. No Country for Old Men



that drivers gotta go, he's gotta go

Drive wins. And it's a blowout...

Its not that much of a blowout at all

I love Drive, but against No Country for Old Men- one of the best American films to be made in the past decade? Nah. This isn't a blowout per se, but let's put it this way: only one of these films is in my top 60.

No Country. Drive was too artsy.

I think Drive has a slightly higher re-watch value.

To me, they kinda have the same feel. They are very quiet films. No Country is a little better but both are in my Top 20

Both endings are great but Drive's was a little better, though

nu-filmstudentcore showdown

Drive for sure. No Country For Old Men was lacking in some areas.

I take back what I said about NCFOM, but Drive is still the victor nonetheless.

Both are overrated, but good. I'm going with No Country For Old Men

There are no clean getaways.


I consider these both to be flawless films. It's really just a matter of which I would see more often. Drive takes it.

I love em both, but I rewatched drive as soon as it finished. NCFOM didn't do that for me.

So close but Drive

Drive, for now.


beyond its superb direction, Drive is just a B grade plot. theres nothing particularly complex there. No Country on the other hand is as rich and profound as the Cormac McCarthy novel it faithfully adapts. there is no contest here.

I watched No Country again and I take back what I said about it being overrated. It is an amazing film. Drive deserves a rewatch as well, but for now NCFOM wins quite easily.

Well, Seb, that is a plus to the film in my eyes, doing so much with so little. Both are, dare I call them masterpieces of this century. Drive was the better experience for me.

No Country For Old Men wins this one, since it was the first thing Drive made me think about. "Say, this is like No Country For Old Men, only not as good."

Drive takes this one, it's close, but not really

hmm i don't know maybe Drive


No Country is a masterpiece and wins this

Drive ain't got shit on No Country for Old Men!

Too close, but No Country wins because of Bardem

don't fucking kidding me

What part of Drive makes someone think of No Country for Old Men...

Two of the most overrated movies in history. Both are about as entertaining as cancer.

Dude, that's not cool. Cancer's not entertaining.

No Country for Old Men by miles...miles...miles...

I'll pick the one who's tagline is " there are no clean getaways".

This one is very tough but No Country wins this one, not by much though.


No Country for Old Men dominates here.

Two overrated pieces of crap. CRAP.

^Drive is very overrated but No Country’s love is justified. Why? Because it’s in my top 40! It’s a terrific modern western that sets place in a harsh world where there’s no good guys and no bad guys. It’s one of the best movies of the last 15 years!

At least Drive didn't piss me off and kill leads off camera and didn't have the dumbest non-ending ever.

Two great crime movies of the 21st century. I like No Country slightly better.

Drive is so damn fun and stylish with a cool ass soundtrack and incredible performance by Ryan Gosling, that being said. No Country for Old Men is a simply a more memorable and riveting experience from beginning to end. Oh and also, Javier, Josh, and Tommy > Ryan.