Drive vs. Bronson



on 2/5/2012

I'm starting to be impressed by Refn.

on 3/18/2012

Ugh... I think Bronson has better performances.

on 3/18/2012

avkies, I think Tom Hardy gives the best performance of either film, but Drive still much better than Bronson, IMO.

on 3/20/2012

Drive wins this matchup quite easily. For a biopic, Bronson provides very little insight into its subject. The movie just feels...pointless. Drive, on the other hand, is just plain cool.

on 4/1/2012

I feel like the only person who wasn't just flattened by Drive... Bronson wins this hands down.

on 5/17/2012

I do love Tom Hardy in Bronson but Drive still tops it.

on 1/30/2013

I think we can agree that the soundtracks to both movies are both radical and groovy. I'll agree 100% to Boonmee.

on 1/30/2013

Tom Hardy as Bronson is fantastic! But I'm choosing Drive. I know I have the Bronson pic, but I don't care. 'rub it!, rub it!, rub it! rub it!, good! Now fuck off!!!'