Drive vs. Nightcrawler



on 11/23/2014


on 11/23/2014


on 12/12/2014

I admit Drive needs a rewatch (though I already really like it), but for now this goes to Nightcrawler easily.

on 12/14/2014

Nightcrawler by a bit

on 12/14/2014


on 12/15/2014

Nightcrawler is fantastic, but Drive is the best of the 2010s so far.

on 12/16/2014

Yeah I definitely need to rewatch Drive so for now I'm going with Nightcrawler

on 12/17/2014

Both films are beautiful to look at and are wickedly entertaining. But also they are both character studies. Nightcrawler's overall plot was a lot more interesting and Lou Bloom is a menacing yet charismatic puzzle of a man who I could watch for hours. The Driver is definitely an interesting and awesome guy but Nightcrawler provides more to the table of their particular type of film.

on 1/6/2015

Two great films with a similar L.A. feel. Both handle the crime genre in a very unique and subtle execution. But, Drive hit me a little harder the first time I watched it.

on 1/20/2015

Nightcrawler by far for me.

on 2/11/2015

Both great crime films with L.A. as a backdrop that are beautifully shot. I'll go with Drive.

on 2/20/2015

Drive offers more emotional functionality. The aesthetic, music choices, costuming matter more to its eventual goal, and its escalation is masterfully handled. Nightcrawler appears to have thrown everything in your face twenty minutes in, forcing a much slower climb towards its peak evil; that evil doesn't seem all that distant from the moment his partner gets in the car.

on 3/2/2015

Drive barely

on 3/3/2015

Actually, I'll choose Drive

on 5/22/2015

It's nightcrawler for me. Much more intense and powerful.

on 6/3/2015

I gotta go with Drive.

on 6/3/2015

Gyllenhaal is incredible in Nightcrawler and gives a better performance than anyone in Drive, but his film isn't as strong overall.

on 6/9/2015

nightcrwler, by far

on 7/1/2015

Drive is excellent, but I like Nightcrawler for being less artsy, having a more sociopathically intriguing protagonist, and for its dark satire of the "it bleeds it leads" nature of the news media told through a dark twist on the "Rags to Ritches" story.

on 7/1/2015

I disagree with one of the comments regarding both films have a similar feel. If anything, Nightcrawler felt like I was watching the same background and ambiance in Collateral. Anyway, Drive is good after repeated viewings but the pace is still slow. Nightcrawler never lets up and kept you focused from start to end.

on 7/14/2015

both are best of 2010's but i love jake and nightcrawler more .

on 7/20/2015

I honestly don't get the hype for Drive. Sure, it's well directed, but it's the same story we've all seen hundreds of times with bland characters that are not interesting or relateable at all. Nightcrawler on the other hand, gives us a fresh story with a fascinating, complex and original character that is masterfully played by Mr. Gylenhall. Nightcrawler by faaaaaar.

on 10/27/2015

Both looked beautiful, had fantastic acting and interesting look at character and society however I prefer Drive due to being able to better empathize with the Driver than I did Louise.

on 1/30/2016

Not easy to choose... but... ¡NIGHTCRAWLER!

on 1/21/2017

Although Nightcrawler had a better third act I still found myself sympathizing more for Driver than Lou, Drive wins this one

on 3/11/2017

Both great, but edge to Nightcrawler for media satire and tighter focus


on 3/23/2018

Two extremely good films with L.A. as the backdrop. I prefer the style and swagger of Drive.

on 3/23/2018

Drive is a bit better in my opinion.