22 Jump Street vs. This Is the End



22 Jump Street

22 Jump wins this fairly easily.

A funny movie vs a unfunny movie, 22 jump street easily, usually comedy sequel's are terrible but not this time 22 jump street is funnier then 21 jump street well I thought it was, Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum have great chemistry and work great together, but Ice cube had me laughing the most everytime he was on screen, even the credits at the end where it shows the other jump street movies those were funny. Its nice to watch a comedy and laugh I don't like comedy genre anymore because a lot of "comedy's" I have seen aren't funny and failed to make me laugh and This is the End was such a disappointment I watched the trailer for it and I was laughing but then I watched the film I had one chuckle.

This Is the End wins easily. 22 Jump was better than 21.