Psycho vs. The Godfather



on 8/21/2009

Very hard!

on 11/15/2009

Not hard at all. It's Godfather all the way.

on 11/18/2009

very hard, i am horror buff

on 11/25/2009

How in the world do you make this decision? I think I'm going to go with The Godfather, as it is just so deep and rich. More rewatchable than Psycho.

on 12/24/2009

Tough decision... I'll go with Godfather by a smidge.

on 7/29/2010

Psycho all the way! The music, the camera work, everything iconic.

on 12/7/2010

Psycho is a horror film well ahead of it's time. But The Godfather is simply better.

on 12/11/2011

Wow! Hardest choice I've had to make so far. Um, eenie, meenie...

on 2/6/2012

Psycho was much better

on 2/9/2012

The Godfather is better. I gotta give it to Psycho though, good tracking shots

on 2/13/2012

Im going with The Godfather, but a good match up discussion

on 2/13/2012

The Godfather all the way.

on 2/13/2012


on 4/4/2012

Come on you motherfuckers it's Psycho thumbs up to all you who voted for it with me.

on 4/4/2012

Come on you motherfuckers it's Psycho thumbs up to all you who voted for it with me.

on 7/6/2012

Wow, uhm hard one... Psycho is not only much more in my personal wheelhouse, I feel like it was a better made and more influential film.

on 9/4/2012

In a way they're ideological opposites. The Godfather just gives audiences everything they want, and sometimes comes off as an exercise in vicarious glamor, where you share Pacino's ups and downs and the grimness never lasts too long; Psycho was all about gaming the viewers' expectations and then stabbing them to death. So, Psycho.

on 12/31/2012

The Godfather stabs Psycho.

on 1/5/2013

Psycho by far

on 1/27/2013

The Godfather.

on 2/2/2013

As much as I love Godfather, I'll have to give it to Psycho. I love epic crime dramas, but I also love me a good thriller like Psycho.

on 2/2/2013

Gotta go The Godfather here....

on 5/4/2013

TGF by faaar.

on 5/12/2013

The Godfather.

on 5/27/2013

Not even Hitchcock can touch The Godfather---that there, says a lot!

on 6/24/2013

The Godfather by far.

on 6/28/2013

TGF just impressed me more.

on 8/11/2013

"Psycho" has absolutely no fat and is a far more precise while remaining more innovative and experimental. I also think Hitchcock's version of reality is wholly more convincing than Coppola's so really no Coppola film can touch a Hitchcock film when Hitch is in top form. No, this really isn't a close debate in my mind.

on 8/11/2013

The Godfather is more my style, but both are fantastic.

on 8/11/2013

Psycho. As much as I love Godfather

on 8/15/2013

Definitely The Godfather.

on 9/5/2013

The greatest horror/thriller vs. the greatest drama/mafia movie. Really apples and oranges, but that's okay as it comes with the territory of this site. No disrespect to Godfather, but I personally prefer Psycho.

on 9/19/2013

Psycho for me.

on 10/31/2013


on 12/29/2013

The Godfather was amazing, but you can't fully enjoy it without tagging it along with its sequel. Psycho on the other hand is just perfect.

on 6/7/2014


on 9/7/2014

The Godfather

on 9/7/2014

Psycho fo' sure.

on 11/22/2014

Godfatha fo' sure.

on 12/4/2014

gaar fata mane janis?

on 12/5/2014

Close but I'm going Godfather.

on 12/5/2014

Tough, tough choice. The two films are great in such different ways. The Godfather has almost impeccable production values, and an top-notch ensemble cast; Psycho is probably Hitchcock's most auteur-ish film (excepting Vertigo). I go with Psycho, but I feel like I'm betraying The Godfather.

on 2/15/2015

Psycho by far. I prefer Godfather : Part 2 to The Godfather

on 4/18/2015

The Godfather is one of the best crime films ever made, but does not transcend the crime genre as many people claim. Psycho, on the other hand, is as Hitchcock said, "pure film," and the viewer leaves giddy with awe.

on 7/23/2015


on 7/23/2015

I'm going to have to go with Psycho. I think overall The Godfather is better. :(

on 10/19/2015

Psycho.It had a shorter run time and was more entertaining

on 3/22/2016

Solid matchup. The Godfather takes it with a fair amount of ease though.

on 10/15/2017


on 12/11/2017

both are incredible films but i don't like the godfather much. i'll take psycho

on 12/13/2017

Battle of objective and subjective. I don’t overly love The Godfather. In fact, I was disinterested in the second act. Psycho is just perfect. The risky storytelling, the iconic filmmaking, the interesting characters and it’s influence. Hitchcock=the best filmmaker of all time!


on 2/9/2018

Norman Bates

on 2/9/2018

2 masterpieces!!! But The Godfather takes it for me.

on 5/30/2018

I like psycho better but The Godfather is good too


on 5/30/2018

The Godfather rules this match up.

on Nov 16

Impossible decision. I guess I'd rather watch The Godfather at the moment though.

on Nov 16

The don owns here..