Psycho vs. The Dark Knight



Ooh. That's an interesting one. Both top notch movies that I would not have thought to compare...

Really tough, both game changers, but psycho has the edge for now

We all go a little fanboyish sometimes.

I'm not even gonna swat that fly, I'm just gonna sit back like that poor old innocent JOKER.


When it comes to tension and suspense, no one does it better than Hitchcock and Nolan.

The dark knight

Hitchcock is the ultimate master of suspense and tension. Both films are equal, but I'm taking what ever is higher on my list..................

The Dark Knight gets the close nod....

Greatest horror of all time vs. best comic book adaptation ever. TDK is great, but Psycho is about as classic and iconic as it gets.

The Dark Knight is my preference, but both are fantastic.

I love TDK, but I have a soft spot for Psycho.

Both these films horrified people by showing how the average person has the potential to be a horrible villain without supernatural or spiritual assistance. Psycho illustrates the psychology of Norman Bates better than The Dark Knight illustrates the Joker, but Nolan tops Hitchcock in numerous other ways.

I'll go The Dark Knight. My love for Batman and DC in general wins out here.

Norman Bates is a brilliant, subtle psychopath that delivers a fantastic chill when you watch him. But he's no Heath Ledger's Joker.

I have to say, Joker > Bates.

Psycho is far better

Psycho and isn't even close.

Flips coin. Call it. You need to call it. I can't call it for you. It wouldn't be fair. *okay, Psycho then* Well done.

The Dark Knight takes it for me.

Psycho is one of the greatest films of all time, and number 2 on my chart. Love TDK, but this isn't close

Dark Knight takes the nod...

The dark knight owns.


Why so Serious?

Psycho is far far far far better TDK is overhyped.

This match up is an insult for cinema the dark knight winning over psycho pathetic!

As much as I enjoy TDK, it just doesn't beat (one of) Hitchcock's masterpiece(s) to me

best of nolan > best of hitchcock

Psycho. Love Hitchcock more than I love Nolan.

Sorry Nolan, but you're no match for The Master of Suspense!

TDK is great, but Psycho is on an entirely different level.

Love both, top 10 movies of all time. But it has to be The Dark Knight