Psycho vs. Dressed to Kill



surprised to not see any comments in this one with how many people like to compare the two films and the directors psycho is the masterpiece here but dressed to kill is right behind it

well Psycho is the clear winner its more well storied and paced but DRESSED is a underrated movie its very good in every way.

Dressed to Kill is essentially Brian de Palma's Psycho, yeah. Not sure which one I'd pick...Psycho is ranked much lower for me, but it's been quite a while since I've seen it (over 4 years, probably). I guess I'll go Dressed to Kill for now since it's still fresh in my head, but both are really good.

Dressed to Kill definitely has similarities to Psycho and is an enjoyable thriller in its own right, but Psycho is the far superior film.

Psycho gets the easy nod here...