Psycho vs. Re-Animator



Is Re-Animator the Psycho of the 80s? Both are really sexually charged horror. I'll go with Re-Animator because zombie movies don't get much more original than this. RE-ANIMATOR WINNSSSSSS

The Psycho of the '80s? No. Just no. Not at all. Re-Animator is a joke. An unfunny one at that.

I agree with the first comment that Re-Animator is right up there with the great innovative horror movies. However, I think in the end I have to go with the classic spine-tingling nature of Psycho.

Re-Animator left me less than impressed. It's just too 80s. But, in a bad way. The new wave/stupid pants/yuppies way (even if it doesn't contain those things).

I think Re-Animator is great on all fronts, but I doubt I'll ever see a horror movie that tops Psycho.

Re-Animator is good in a "this is stupid, but I like it" sort of way. It doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as Psycho, though.

Re-animator doesn't get the love it deserves. Psycho is almost second to none in an academy award kind of way but I find Re-animator more enjoyable.

Easy win for Psycho...