Psycho vs. 12 Angry Men



two great classic, this is gonna be tough

too hard to decide!


12 Angry Men, definately.

Two all-time greats on the opposite ends of my top 100.

Psycho is overrated. 12 Angry Men is one of the forgotten masterpieces of last century.

12 Angry Men.

Psycho is not overrated, its one of the most influential horror films...12 Angry Men still wins

They are separated by only a few spots on my list. 12 Angry Men takes it.

I don't know, everybody seems to choose 12 Angry Men without seeming to give it much thought, but this is really hard for me! I like 12 Angry Men as much as the next guy, but Psycho is such a terrific movie! Anthony Perkins's performance, Hitch's directing, the character of Norman Bates all made it such a fantastic experience, and a film that really got under my skin. And I think I'm going to give it to Psycho because of that; 12 Angry Men while a riveting thriller, I don't think leaves the impact that Psycho does. I love them both, but I think my list will be better off with Psycho above 12 Angry Men. But I do love them both...

12 angry men

Whoa, I don't know how this matchup has eluded me thus far since both are in my top 10! They are separated by two spots on my chart. 12 Angry Men is the best courtroom drama ever and ranks #7 on my chart. Psycho is the best slasher/horror ever and ranks #5 on my chart. Psycho wins a very close one!

12 Angry Men is the victor.

Two of the 10 greatest films I have ever seen. 12 Angry Men is one of the greatest films I have ever seen and certainly the best ensemble film of all-time. Psycho is the best thriller I have ever seen.

12 rooms, 12 vacancies, 12 angry jurors, and one insane motel owner. I slightly prefer Psycho, but you really can't go wrong with either choice here.

Best courtroom drama or best thriller.....tough decision. Seeing that I'm more of a thriller guy; I will give this to Hitchcock's masterpiece

12 Angry Men is the epĂ­tome of a cinematic masterpiece.

Psycho was largely ahead of the curve at that time, it is nothing like any typical thrillers of Hitchcock, it is a more traumatising experience and a more memorable experience.

My #2 vs #4. I thought that 12 angry won't be so good bu when I watched it first time, it blew my mind and made #2 place on my all time favourite movies list

For me it's undoubtedly 12 angry men. Psycho is a suspenseful, chilling, well-acted and generally very well-made, but 12 angry men tops it for me.