Psycho vs. The Birds



Two of Hitchcock's best.

This is pretty easy. I can appreciate The Birds for what it is but it isn't even close to being on the same level as Psycho.

Easy win for Psycho

Psycho, because it doesn't feel dated.

Psycho is just too damn good

I prefer Hitchcock's romantic suspense or action-adventure films to his straight-up horror flicks, but Psycho is impressive, certainly more impressive than the Birds. It is at once more influential and more exciting.

I appreciate how sharply The Birds contrasts its cornball first half with the bleak, apocalyptic second half, but in execution I only really like half the movie. I can't break the consensus here.

Sure, The Birds has a few scares, but Psycho is so much more unnerving. Oh, and Psycho's ending is so much more satisfying. The ending of The Birds is just so...abrupt.

"The Birds" is my favorite Hitchcock film and I think it's largely because it is his most surreal and supernatural picture which contrasts with his being the most meticulously realistic directer ever in terms of what you see on the screen. No horror film with the possible exception of "The Shining" draws as much power from everything looking so real and normal. Also, "The Birds" is one of Hitchcock's funniest movies although the pervasive humor is mostly subtle.

The Birds is very good, but it doesn't come close to a masterpiece like Psycho.

Psycho is my second favorite Hitchcock behind Vertigo. The Birds isn't nearly as good. Easy choice here.

Call me insane, but I'm one of the very few people who enjoys The Birds more than Psycho. In terms of the storyline, Psycho definitely has more going for it, because The Birds is pretty basic at the end of the day, but in terms of the one that produces the best suspense and atmosphere, I honestly find The Birds to be the more absorbing and enjoyable experience.

Ech, Bates over Boirds.

The Birds is awesome,but it doesn't compare to Psycho

I agree with Caesar, Psycho is scarier and has a better ending

Love both but psycho wins


I choose The Birds and goes to Psycho. Okay

Easily Psycho...

@Danny237 that's because psycho is higher on your flickchart. Just go to rank this matchup and click the birds for it to be higher on your list, and it will change your vote.

Psycho is great. The Birds is a horribly stupid stinker.

The Birds is great, as Hitchcock made a laughable plot into a realistic and tense thriller, however it doesn't compare to Psycho which created one of the best movie settings of all time and debatedly the greatest character in cinema history in Norman Bates.

I've seen 4 Hitch films so far. Psycho is my favorite, Birds is my least favorite. Them all are rated 10 though.

I haven't seen all of Hitchcock's films, but of the ones I have seen...Psycho is the best and The Birds is the worst.

Psycho absolutely crushes The Birds and it isn't even close.

I'm a big Hitchcock fan personally, but I have to say: I never really understood why The Birds is considered one of his classics... Sure, it's good, but Psycho is downright great!