The Twilight Saga: New Moon vs. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban



cant believe theres not many comments on this. guess it must be obvious? (HP all the way)

This isn't really fair, in New Moon's defense, seeing as Prisoner of Azkaban was not only a great HP film, but a remarkable film in of itself. I mean, Cuarón was the freaking director of Children of Men. New Moon VS. Goblet of Fire or Chamber of Secrets would be a much more even match up.

Irony just spoke. Irony said "HA! HA!" on twilight. It basically gave the middle finger. My next ranking will be Citizen Kane and the one that I DON't care about.

I don't think New Moon will win over many other movies other than Eclipce which was the worst of the series. In fact, the whole series was a huge let down. They should just start over. When comparing Twilight to Harry Potter, Harry Potter will always win!

I'm not keen on the 'twiglet' films - azkaban is one of the better HPs as well, so I'm picking that

I have never read the Twilight books, but I can say that the movies all stink. They are just awful. Plus they made werewolves into a joke. They used to be cool and scary, like the one in this Harry Potter movie. Cuarón really changed the Harry Potter series for the better with this one. What did we expect though, he directed Children of Men. Harry Potter 3 wins far to easily here.