National Treasure: Book of Secrets vs. National Treasure



I'm having a hard time seperating these two in my memory. I'll go with the original simply because i rememnber the ending being better than the sequel's

The first one is better. Better story, better clues, better ending.

The first one is better. Neither is great, but they're both entertaining.

I'm not a big fan of either one of them, but I guess the first one's better.

Preferred the first one.

The first is much better.

Jon Turtletaub has a pair of historically inaccurate, yet fantastically fun tales about treasure hunters who's heroes are Washington, Jefferson and Adams. The 1st installment, like most, is better, but just slightly. The 2nd ends with a plot line to suggest a possible trilogy...we'll see.

There are no winners here...

National Treasure was so much better than it's sequel.

I'll be anti-contrarian and go with everyone else here. The first one is obviously way better.

Heaven help me but I liked these movies for what they were and YES I would like another.