Princess Mononoke vs. Grave of the Fireflies



This is a pretty intense matchup. I'm going to go with Grave of the Fireflies. Both are very beautiful movies, but I think the reality of Grave of the Fireflies is more profound than the fantasy of Princess Mononoke.

Grave of the Fireflies.

I would rate Grave of the Fireflies. But if I were asked to re-watch one or the other, I would pick Princess Mononoke every time.

The rewatchability values of both films contrast completely. I prefer to want to be enticed to see a film again. Instead of shuddering in the corner thinking about how catastrophic war can be.

Grave of the Fireflies is so incredibly sad, so incredibly touching, that if movies qualities were based upon emotion, Grave would of course be the one to win; not to mention in terms of story Grave also wins. However, I prefer action to non-action generally, and the chilling views, and more suspence, allow a stronger view, in my opinion, of a movie--so Princess Mononoke is the winner here.

Two of the best Ghibli films. But GotF is slightly better