Princess Mononoke vs. Kiki's Delivery Service



This is tough! I've gotta say Princess Mononoke is stronger, though!

This is definitely the hardest Miyazaki matchup I've seen. Since I started watching his movies, Princess Mononoke has always been my favorite. But after just seeing Kiki, that spot is definitely tested. Ahhhh, in the end, I think Kiki wins out, based on how complete the story is.

Kiki's Delivery Service is a lovely film, but Princess Mononoke is a masterpiece of animation.

Kiki might even be the "better movie," but Mononoke is just astounding in its scope. I'd rather see the scope of the universe than deal with those mean girls from Tombo's vehicle.

Well said.

I would argue that Mononoke is a more ambitious film but one that is less tight thematically and narratively then Kiki. In any case I'll take whimsical Miyazaki over bitter, world weary Miyazaki any day.