Enter the Dragon vs. Rush Hour



Huh, No comments on this match-up? Of course ETD, being one of the greatest films ever made, beats Rush Hour. Still, it's a compliment to Jackie Chan that he was able to dictate his own career, seperate his style from Bruce and end up with a whole bunch of awesome movies. Rush Hour feature highly on his list but it doesn't break the top x.

So, where do you stand as far as who the better of the two is, cleckley?

Forgive me for bein so cliche, but it depends on what you mean by better. ETD will probably always be my favourite movie (well in the constantly shifting top 3 anyway) so I guess Bruce will always have that. He's the guy I've idolized for so long. In terms of Martial Arts ability there's no clear answer. There are things JC does that IMO Bruce just didn't have the training for (the aerial, acrobatic moves in particular). JC's training at the Opera House made him a perfomance artist and a gymnast, Bruce didn't have that. But Bruce trained to be a fighter, he was arguably an MMA pioneer. I don't think Jackie had Bruce's speed, or conditioning and I don't think (in fact I know) he wasn't obsessed with being a complete warrior. So yeah, put 'em in a ring and I think Bruce would walk out and Jackie would crawl out. Put them on stage and ask for complex choreography and I know Jackie would win hands down (and feet up in the air). Bruce only has four real movies and they're all pretty sick (eh, maybe not Big Boss). Jackie (by virtue of being alive!!) has had so many more sick movies but he's had some real howlers. All in all, love them both but go BRUCE!!!


Bruce Lee's best film wins here.

I suppose I was asking who your favorite was, in general. So Bruce, eh? I've only seen Enter the Dragon and his 40-50 minutes of footage from Game of Death. I've also read quite a bit about him over the years. I agree with you in that Bruce would most definitely whoop Jackie in a real fight. But I'm more a fan of Jacie's theatrics than I am of Bruce's direct style. Jackie's just an absolute blast to watch and my go-to guy when I'm bored. It's not that I'm not a fan of a more direct style, I guess Jackie's stuff is just more my thing. I've seen a bit of the Bruce/Chuck fight from WotD and I would have loved to see what Bruce and the Jackie we saw against Benny the Jet could have done together.

Oh yeah, and Enter the Dragon wins by a mile. I don't hate Rush Hour like most of Jackie's fans do. Actually, I like it quite a bit. But it can't touch EtD.

Well... I'm going for Rush Hour. Sacrilege though it may be, I'll always pull for Jackie over any other martial artist, and that includes Bruce.

Agreed...Rush Hour just works better for me. First two Rush Hour's were great times....

Enter The Dragon is a perfect film in my eyes. I'd change absolutely nothing about it.

Nyer nyer nyer ASIAN PEOPLE durp durp durp BLACK PEOPLE. But wait, they have more in common than they think...! ... Jesus, shoot me.

Rush Hour is decent, but Enter the Dragon is a classic.