Mr. Smith Goes to Washington vs. Donald Trump's The Art of the Deal: The Movie



Mr. Trump goes to Washington. It's almost the same story in reality. Non-politician taking on a corrupt system with the media in their pocket.

Today, Trump signed four executive orders to act where Congress hasn't... Democrat gridlock had compelled him to act as the pandemic undermined the country's economy. While Democrats play politics, Trumps acts for all of us! “If Democrats continue to hold this critical relief hostage I will act under my authority as president to get Americans the relief they need.” Trump Said. Thank God for TRUE Leadership! 

He put the 'true' in capitals so you know it's legit. Your boy is gonna get curb-stomped in an equally senile old dude who was none too smart or honorable to begin with, and seems to be having a slow-motion stroke. I would like to once more congratulate y'all Americans for continuing your tradition of making a choice between a giant douche and a turd sandwich. Masha'Allah and mazel tov. Now to more important things. Art of the Deal is a dry and unfunny attempt at satire. Mr Washington is a naive and poll polemic on...something. There are no winners here. Except for me; I'm feeling quite entertained right now.

True, Trump is the real life Mr. Smith but with attitude and a bit of narcissism. We will see if Trump the "good guy" can pull it out and win again at the end of the day.

That's true about the Americans. But I'd pick a giant douche any day because... Kyle > Cartman. I mean, Cartman is way too annoying and to see him lose... now that's a pleasure.

"Kyle > Cartman" is the single most insane thing I've read on this site. No hyperbole. And this is a site with nutters that are religiously devoted to Marvel/DC/Nolan. We have hit a new low (high?) in madness. The little ginger fuck is basically tedious and sanctimonious by design. Now, in real life you'd be morally obliged to murder both Cartman and Kyle but, Jesus, Kyle is a fucking moralising dullard and Cartman is one of the funniest creations in all of satire. Top 10000000 funniest moments in South Park are all gonna be Cartman, Butters and Randy. Do more/less drugs, man. Yeesh. You've gone mad. Likewise, saying Trump ia a "bit" narcissistic is like saying "women are a bit female". Crazy people. You're all crazy people.

When I saw this match-up I could not keep laughing, lol now Trump is invading Flickcharts instead of overrated Once upon a time in fking Hollywood?

What does Trump have to do here? lol

Lol OneFuckTooMany you are so hilarious man, you had made me laugh again at all this bullshit. But don't take all this shit seriously some people just don't really mean what they are saying or misunderstood the situation.

Anyway I am for Trump, the ART OF THE DEAL because this man was really a DEAL and was pure ART during his presidency.

Yeah, man, I hear you. It's bizarre. But there's there's this really inexplicable intersection between some of the dumb Marvel/Nolan tribalism on this site and the whole Left/Right political tribalism that exists in the real world. I can't explain it. Yet. But in many ways the tribalism on this site is actually a lot less stupid than the political tribalism in the real world. Like, I'd rather hear someone fanatically talk shit about The Dark Knight and Endgame than listen to crazy people on the right pretend racism isn't a thing, or crazy people on the left pretend that racism is the only/main thing. It's so strange to me that the Left of 2020 is almost identical to the Christian Right of the 1990s. A new - and maybe more loony - religion is what we are seeing. Stay wise, Paul. I got you.

To be honest I don't really care about politics, I care more about tragic events that are happening in this world and everytime I try to find an appropriate explanation to why some people would harm other people like this unless they all have some chronic mental disorder, some say they would no good without evil, but who are we really in this world with all the violence, individualism, conformism, xenophobia is that what humans are supposed to be after all those million years of evolution? You see my family and I are french protestants, my father is a minister in a parish church. Although his vision of the world is far different from mine but I still agree with most of his points and facts like this one that I find the most important: The creation is not finished at all, we are still evolving and still trying to find a path to the kingdom of god, an absolute paradise in which there is no predation at all, no violence and what the humanity is supposed to be, a beautiful and harmonious creation perfumed by love. On the other hand I agree with you many people nowadays take their approach to cinema only by feeding their brain with marvel-brain food extravagances.

"The little ginger fuck is basically tedious and sanctimonious by design." - No no, I'll definitely agree with you about that, Kyle is boring as hell. But man, Cartman does get on my nerves. He's a fucking spoiled brat and that good for nothing mother of his just spoils him more and more. He's still very funny though. I love that episode with the dog whisperer and man, the first one with Coon... gold. Randy is true, that Shining parody had me laughing out loud. I mean, who doesn't like Randy? Butters is great too and Professor Chaos is genius. Btw I know this one match-up here was supposed to be some political bullshit, but fuck it. Had too much already of both the leftists and the "rightists." They're definitely either dumb Internet militants or idiots that believe in any conspiracy theory and that denies the existence of the virus. Sick of it.

Bottom line: Trump and Pence have been superb under near impossible circumstances. Thank God for true leadership. Those of us without Trump Derangement Syndrome can see it clearly.

The richest country in the world that somehow has the 7th worst death rate per capita..."superb"? That's some all new kind of mathematics right there. I like this dude. He has a funny bone that even Jesus would appreciate.

OneFuckTooMany Is That invasion of the body snatchers on Flickcharts? lol

Trumpmania runs wild! Down goes Biden. Down goes Biden.

Trump = Patriot Extraordinaire

Can we all go to a zoom meeting during the vote count or president-elect announcement (something like that, I don't know how it works in the US)? I want to see the look on your faces when Biden wins. It'll be priceless.

what the hell happened here