Ponyo vs. My Neighbor Totoro



Totoro and Ponyo. I wish I could take each home with me. Totoro more so. It's just a shame that My Neighbor Totoro doesn't focus as much on its title character as Ponyo does. If it had, I might be singing a different tune. One other than Ponyo's. Ponyo, ponyo...

These are two of Studio Ghibli's simpler films. I think Ponyo tries to be what it isn't a bit too much. My Neighbor Totoro knows there isn't any great threat to the planet or anything. It's just whimsical and charming for the sake of being whimsical and charming. While I think it's geared more towards younger kids than most Studio Ghibli films, I do think it's the better movie of the two.

This was a hard choice but I like Ponyo better because it was just so cute, totoro was cute but ponyo was cuter.

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