The Haunting vs. House on Haunted Hill



Both of these movies came out around the same time, I saw both of them in the theatres, they both deal with haunted houses . . . and they're both equally unmemorable. I'm going to give this one to House on Haunted HIll, because it had slightly more good jump scares. It doesn't hold a candle to the 1959 version with Vincent Price, though.

The Haunting is totally awful. House on Haunted Hill starts out kind of fun and spooky, but really loses steam toward the end. I remember that my ex-wife actually cried because some of the images in House on Haunted Hill freaked her out so much. That alone counts for something.

Going with the remake of "House on Haunted Hill." I never cared for the CGI, supernatural endings to either film, but I really liked the chemistry between Geoffrey Rush and Famke Janssen in "Haunted Hill."

House on Haunted Hill. It was actually a pretty dang creepy movie until the "happy ending" i hate when horror movies have happy endings like that. Jeffrey Combs as the doctor was pretty creepy then you get the ending with the ghost cloud monster that almost ruins the whole movie. The Haunting remake is pretty much crap.

I have room in my heart for both of them, but House on Haunted Hill is so much more creative and spooky! (Much better usage of CGI, too.) William Malone. <3

House on Haunted Hill for sure. Both have fabulous cast. But both are pretty bad.