American Psycho vs. Fight Club



Two very well achieved twists, but I gotta go with Patrick Bateman over Tyler Durden.

Pat Bateman is the real deal.Tyler is overrated,and so is Fight Club.

Christian Bale's best performance is in American Psycho. I'm going with American Psycho.

Fight Club is a solid movie and near flawless to me.

I'll take American Psycho....Fight Club never has done anything for me...

Fight Club

Somehow this is an uncommon match-up, but I find it an appropriate one. They have many similarities. To the point: the plot twist is that the character has a mental disability and it's supposed to represent social commentary on capitalism. "Most people don't get it, because...[drivel.] I'm so smart, I get it. Do YOU?" How edgy you are, twerp. Screw both of these movies. What overrated barrels of rubbish. Two hack actors in two films based on two novels by two hack authors.

"Most people don't get it, because...[drivel.] I'm so smart, I get it. Do YOU?" Sounds like you're letting insecure halfwits co-opt the movies.

This is like choosing between my children, but I would say that Fight Club is better and has less flaws.

Easy, Fight Club.

Fight Club. Did not care much for American Psycho, but it is a good film. I just feel it could've been better in different hands. I don't feel that way about Fight Club, though.

Fight Club !

Love Fight Club, but it doesn't beat Patrick Bateman


The one you can't speak about.

American Psycho is (very) good, Fight Club is even better, and that's really all there is to be said about this one imo

I adore American Psycho. Bale gives an electrifying performance and the film is just ridiculously deep with ideas of narcissism. Unfortunately, Fight Club is better in every single way