American Psycho vs. Memento




American Psycho trumps almost everything :)


Yeah, there's not much that beats Pyscho for me.

Believe it or not, I hated both, and this is a really tough choice because of that reason. I guess I'll go with Memento because I liked it the first time I saw it. Hated it the second time, but here's to good times.


How could you end up hating a movie after liking it the first time? Just curious.

As good as American Psycho is I have to give this one to Memento. It is a brilliant film and I am convinced that Christopher Nolan can do no wrong.

Memento for it's script and unique storytelling perspective.

This is ridiculously difficult.How to decide???????

Memento. It is on another level. Both great entertainment though.

The only 'American' movie that can hold a candle to Memento is History X in my opinion. Here, it beats Psycho.

To me, this is why Memento is superior: For being entirely backwards, it is perfectly linear. Everything is explainable. Everything is done perfectly in a way you have complete trust in the film and accept everything it gives to you. American Psycho doesn't allow that, the twist that it gives you is interpretative. It doesn't give you a reason to believe or trust it. The problem with movies that have things that are being imagined but truthfully not happening (that I personally have) is that you do lose trust in the story telling. Where does the falsities begin and end? It can be interpreted in so many ways, and I realize that is why a lot of people like it. I prefer solidity, and Memento's storytelling is 100% tight and 100% solid. American Psycho was still a great commentary on the materialistic society we live in. Even though we talk to people are we listening? How incredibly easy it would be to be friends with a killer without knowing because we are so wrapped up in ourselves we blind ourselves to it... that is why I do like the film, but in my opinion Memento is much better..

I would comment more thoroughly on this match up, but I gotta go return some videotapes.

Both are great, but Memento has the slight edge in my book.

What a great match. Still, Memento was less flawed and more intriguing.


Memento wins in a battle of just two great flicks....

AP is beautifully shot, but the originality of the storytelling in memento wins for me.

These are wonderful examples of good film making. They both tackle "touchy" concepts, but I prefer the twists and turns of Memento that require unwinding before the heavy concepts are completely revealed.


American Psycho is a personal favourite of mine but Memento is one of those perfect movies. Christopher Nolan wins here

This is a hard one. I think I like Memento a little more.


I am going with American Psycho here. Just far entertaining to watch personally. Plus Patrick Bateman at least has a personality. Bale's performance was country miles ahead of Pearce.

American Psycho is a pretty deep film with quite a lot of complexities in it. Add on a flawless performance and some extremely dark humor, and you have one of the most entertaining films ever. But Memento currently wins this one. The plot structure and the theme of memory is played with perfectly by Nolan. So yeah, Memento wins currently, but this may change overtime


Memento is the superior film but American Psycho has more entertainment value. Memento wins for its cinematic brilliance..