American Psycho vs. Requiem for a Dream



Incredibly difficult for random reasons, and both have a lasting effect, but Requiem feels more innovative.

American Psycho. As great as Requiem is, there's not a characcter in that movie that comes close to Christian Bale's interpretation of Patrick Bateman.

Hmmm....hard choice but I remember more of Psycho, but on a different day I could go Requiem.


Right now I'm saying Requiem. But it is close.

Two really hard films to watch. But I have to go with Aronofsky.

I'll go with American Psycho. Just pulls me in stronger than Requiem...

Requiem for me.

Bale is a brilliant actor.

Two of the most intense movies, and Requiem for a Dream is as intense as it gets. Powerful films, but the overall production and particularly the direction in Requiem is superior to American Psycho. Christian Bale is brilliant in Psycho, but Aronofsky is better in directing Requiem.

^Second that.

Close, but I'm going Psycho.

American Psycho

They said American Psycho couldn't be filmed successfully ... and it couldn't.

Requiem is great but too disturbing for me to want to revisit it. It's intense, stylish (without feeling polished) and well crafted. The last third was chaotic yet compelling. Sara was such a tragic character and we all know a 'Harry' in our lives. But for the most part it is just shock value held by the twist of four characters going through a downward spiral. American Psycho is just endlessly rewatchable and I quote the film on a daily basis. Christian Bale is just so fantastic and whenever I see Jared Leto, I instantly think of Paul Allen!

American Psyco is much better, it has a far superior main character, more rewatchable. It has a better soundtrack, better twist and ending and it's a great satire.

Requiem is probably more important and impactful to cinema, but holy fuck does it lack the entertainment and rewatch value of American Psycho... Bateman gives Psycho the edge over Requiem.