The Seventh Seal vs. Citizen Kane



HOLY BALLS THIS IS A GOOD ONE. Objectively I can't really say, both are brilliant. Citizen Kane is surprisingly innovative and blah blah blah, and The Seventh Seal is great because I loves Bergman and existential angst and blah blah blah. If I'm asking myself which I want to watch right now, it's The Seventh Seal. If I try to project ahead in my life and ask myself which movie I will have watched more times before I die, that's also The Seventh Seal. So it wins.

Part of me dreaded this coming up, but when it finally did, the decision was easy. Sorry, Hitch.

Seventh Seal- although it wasn't easy.

I enjoy watching Citizen Kane much, much more.

Two parts of me are picking two different movies. Both are classics. I guess Citizen Kane is better.

Yeah yeah, Citizen Kane is Citizen Kane. As it went on, I just felt more and more disconnected with this movie. Excellent technically, but not interesting enough otherwise. The Seventh Seal is a masterpiece. Of course, it's not very accessible, especially for the Marvel crowd that doesn't like subtitles, but overall it's so haunting and resonating. Yeah, pretty obvious choice for me here.