The Seventh Seal vs. Casablanca



I don't care much for The Seventh Seal, even though I understand why it's so highly regarded. While I can't yet decide if Casablanca is a great film or merely a very good one, I say it wins this matchup either way.

The Seventh Seal is more powerful than Casablanca yet there are many scenes in the Swedish masterpiece which I found irrelevant. Casablanca didn't contain such thus gains the win.

Casablanca is too iconic to lose here.

Casablanca owns despite the quality of the Swedish film.

Casablanca without a second thought...

Casablanca is in my top 3. Seventh Seal isn't. But both are great. Casablanca's performances and flawless script push it through, though


Love both films but I have to pick Casablanca.