The Seventh Seal vs. Wild Strawberries



Both awesome. At this point, Seventh Seal is the one for me. Quite possible that this will change upon further viewings of both. The Seventh Seal is just such a unique and powerful film.

I've seen Wild Strawberries within the past two years and I don't remember a single thing about it. It obviously didn't make much an impression. The Seventh Seal, on the other hand...

I agree with Jon Korbak that Wild Strawberries isn't particularly memorable. The Seventh Seal has a handful of memorable scenes and, for that, I give it the edge here. It's close, though.

Love them both and they make my top 50. Seventh Seal is slightly stronger, though.

Neither approach my favorite Bergman flick, The Virgin Spring. Right now...I'll go with Wild Strawberries.

Seventh Seal is the more powerful film. Wild Strawberries is a great look at regret and the decisions we make in our life. Seal still wins because of it's grander look at life and it's powerful look at fate and inevitability.

Both are great masterpieces from the same great director Ingmar Bergman. Wild strawberries is my choice.

love both, prefer smultronstället's imagery and i find it more thoughtful and relatable, if not by much

Both great existential films -- The Seventh Seal has the benefit of being exponentially more enthralling.