The Land Before Time vs. Dinosaur



Battle of the dinosaurs. At the time when it came out, Dinosaur was pretty awesome. However, time has not been kind to it. The Land Before Time will long be a classic.

That kind of echoes my feelings on this. Dinosaur was kinda neat; The Land Before Time is a cherished memory of my childhood.

I am forever repelled from The Land Before Time simply because of how it just became too popular. And anyone who knows me is well aware that I don't care for popular things. DINOSAUR was so incredibly animated; it still looks better than the cgi films being released today. I hate to pick a cgi animated film over a traditional 2d film, but I'm afraid in this situation is must be done. DINOSAUR it is.

@Fiction_Fox: If by "too popular" you mean it spawned far, far too many direct-to-video sequels, you're absolutely right. But, of course, it has never been, nor will it ever be fair to judge a movie by its lackluster sequels (or plethora thereof). I'm not one to talk, though; I do it with Star Wars.