The Maltese Falcon vs. Double Indemnity



Now THIS is the matchup that I've been waiting for: I'm stunned no one has commented on the two classic film noirs. I'm sure most will go with DI, but TMF just does it for me. Both have snappy dialogue, but TMF wins out in that category for me. You simply can't out-talk the witty, fast talking Bogart at his best. Both have very good stories and plots, but I prefer TMF there as well. Some people give DI the distinction of being the original Hollywood film noir. That's incorrect. TMF pre-dates DI by 3 years. Absolutely love both, but TMF is my pick. Would love to hear from some old-school movie buffs around here. SLionsCricket? Caesar? Anybody?

I agree. TMF draws you in with its intriguing storyline. While DI might have a more intricate plot, I felt that TMF's dialogue and superb acting from Bogart make it the better film.

I did love The Maltese Falcon, but it can't compare to that dynamite dialogue and superior storytelling of Double Indemnity.

Double Indemnity without a second thought...

These are probably my two favorite films noir of all time. Not much separates the two, other than the superior dialogue found in Double Indemnity (as JC13 already mentioned). That's enough to make me go with Double Indemnity...for the time being.

The Maltese Falcon

It's not even close for me, I love The Maltese Falcon and only liked Double Indemnity. So many great characters in TMF, I love the dialogue, and basically everything about it. It's probably the movie I've re-watched the most times over the years.

Both are great film noirs and brilliant films in general. I will go with The Maltese Falcon this time.

Double Indemnity wins for me.

Both absolutely oustanding films. An extremely close call, but I'll say Double Indemnity for now.

Love Both so much but its Sam Spade is so awesome and the mystery is so great love Maltese Falcon closely take it!

Both earn the title of classic without a doubt. If I have to pick, I'll go with Double Indemnity.

Today double indemnity tomorrow the maltese falcon