The Maltese Falcon vs. Citizen Kane



This is a good match-up... but there are few movies better than Kane.

And one of them is The Maltese Falcon. Humphrey Bogart is absolutely magnetic as Sam Spade in it. The rest of the cast members aren't slouches, either.

The Maltese Falcon.

Charles Foster Kane is cool, but he's no Sam Spade.

Citizen Kane for me.

2 great movies from 1941. But the masterpiece here is the film debut of Orson Welles.

Kane destroys.

Kane is the overall more technical better film in script but I like Falcon more plus it had fewer errors in plot Bogarts best film and hes a icon.

I'll even forgive the hilarious death of Archer at the outset of the film to put Falcon over Kane.


Citizen Kane

Maltese wins and wins BIG.

Citizen Kane all the way.