The Maltese Falcon vs. Casablanca



She uh... Whash' up with thish choishe you're putting me, huh? Bogie's greatest!

Bogie vs. Bogie is a wash but Bergman beats out Astor. I love Falcon but Casablanca is a Top 5 Film of all time.

Casablanca takes it every time in this match up

Bogart's number one and number two ranked movies -- but there is a HUGE gap between them. Casablanca wins in a landslide.

Liked The Maltese Falcon, liked Casablanca even more.

Both in my top 20, but Casablanca wins for sure. Absolutely love both of them though.

I really liked The Maltese Falcon, even if I wasn't really sure at times what was going on. Casablanca is the much better film, though.

Two of the greatest films of all-time!

Maltese Falcon. Although I think both are a bit overrated.

I have to agree with MysticSpoon. There was a part in the film that I thought during Maltese Falcon that this is easily one of the best films I've ever seen but then towards the end, it really got exposition heavy that I started to get lost. A great movie but Casablanca truly is a MUCH better film, regardless. Besides, both films have Bogart, Lorre and Greenstreet.


Falcon was great and all, but Casablanca is clearly better.

Casablanca hands down, heartbreaking love story.

The 19940's was such an awesome decade for movies. The Maltese Falcon is in my top 20 but still doesn't beat the legendary Casablanca.

Both are considered great but I'm not a huge fan of either.Casablanca I guess.

Never really liked romance movies very much. With that being said though, I couldn't find a single problem with Casablanca. Maltese Falcon was great too, but Casablanca wins here.

Casablanca is undeniably one of the best films but I would rather watch The Maltese Falcon.

Actually I don't feel comfortable having Casablanca this low.

Humphrey Bogart tends to hold either a woman or a gun in his movie posters.

I found TMF to be slightly overrated; Casablanca wins by a mile for me.

My two favourite Bogart movies. Maltese Falcon is the best and quintessential film noir but Casablanca is unbeatable

Mentioning The Maltese Falcon in the same breath as Casablanca is an insult to Casablanca.