Public Enemies vs. Inglourious Basterds



Two major disappointments of 2009. If I have to choose one, it's Inglourious Basterds because it had its funny moments. Public Enemies was just dreadful; I almost fell asleep in the theater.

Public Enemies was definitely a case of me WANTING to like a movie more than I did. It was so weird, though to see Michael Mann basically re-treading Heat (my #3 film on Flickchart), but in a period setting with weird photography. (The digital, which apparently worked so well in Collateral, another Top 20 film on my list, just seemed odd in PE.) Meanwhile, while I would probably call Inglourious Basterds my favorite Tarantino movie, that's not really saying much, and I'm still probably more inclined to want to watch Public Enemies again. There were elements of Basterds that I actually loved (Brad Pitt was excellent; I enjoyed the opening scene), but I felt it was too long and drawn-out in spots.


Inglourious Basterds wasn't perfect but it offered more entertainment value than the rather stagnant Public Enemies.

Inglourious Basterds is the FAR better 2009 film. Public Enemies was almost as big of a disappointment as Crystal Skull and that crap is the king of disappointment.

People bash Public Enemies a little more than it deserves, the film was just a quieter gangster period piece with some more subtle performances from Marion Cotillard and Johnny Depp. However, Inglourious Basterds was just a phenomenal movie, hilarious but powerfully resonant. Melanie Laurent was robbed of a Supporting Actress Oscar nom.

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Inglourious Basterds was pretty much perfect, the best Tarantino film. Public Enemies was great but not Basterds great

Basterds was good...not great. Public Enemies was one of the biggest disappointments in the last five years...

I thought Public Enemies looked amazingly real. It was as if the 20-30's came alive right in front of my eyes. No other movie has brought history to life as vividly as Mann's PE. I watched it three times in two days and I loved ever bit of it.

Inglourious basterds was boring as hell and slow, but public enemies flew by and had plenty of action, suspense, drama, and great performances