Tremors vs. Jaws



This is a toss up. Both are fun and while Jaws is the better movie I can't pass up an opportunity to watch tremors even if it is filled with commercials.

I have to go with the underdog here. Tremors for the win!

Tremors by far.

Crazy talk. Then again, I tend to say crazy things as well. But this is still crazy talk.

Tremors is fun but it can't eat Jaws

Jaws, like Dawn of the Dead, set the bar very high, and could be called a better horror movie. But if it's a matter of "monster movies" who is still more impressed by that shark? Not me.

I haven't seen either of these in years (I think Tremors was the last movie I went to the drive-in to see), but remember being underwhelmed by both. Jaws wins on legacy.

Tremors is one of my favorite all time movies! It’s an Underappreciated near-masterpiece! And I love it to bits! But, on the other hand, my favorite movie of all time is Jaws. Nothing can beat that film. My gosh is it perfect. So yeah, I love both, but Jaws wins by miles.