White House Down vs. Olympus Has Fallen



All right, now I get to the two movies of 2013 most suited for a match up. Now I have heard many people rip on these two films. I actually really enjoyed both of them, they are not really good films but I enjoy films that throwback to the action films of the 80’s and 90’s. For some reason I really enjoyed seeing North Koreans/rednecks easily take over a white house filled with incompetent secret serviceman and villains with a uncanny knowledge of the white house and access to top secret recourses, the over emotional scenes of forced patriotism, the over emphasized flag falling to the ground, and of course the mandatory destruction of the White House. I think that Olympus has a better lead, although Foxx and Tatum both have great chemistry that makes that category hard to compare because one is a solo and the other is buddy cop. However the villains in White House Down definitely had more fun and while Rick Yune provided a serviceable antagonist in Olympus James Woods, Jason Clark, Kevin Rankin, and Jimmi Simpson bring many different flavors to the film. As for action they both have great over the top action with special affects that look like they came straight out of the PS2, I think it will switch back and forth as Olympus had the more bad ass moments while WHD incorporated more humorous action which worked. In the end I think that it comes down the leads even though Foxx and Tatum make a good team I feel that on his own Tatum although often unfairly criticized leaves something to be desired and I am glad that Gerard Butler is in hard action movies again instead of the shitty rom-com’s he has been doing.

I enjoyed both movies, but wished that White House Down had more of the violence and action that Olympus possesses. So Olympus Has Fallen wins for me, it was better paced too. Too much time was taken up with useless conversations and dialogue leading to the next action set piece in WHD.

Both good action packed films, but for me White House Down provided more entertainment.

I'll go with Olympus...because quite frankly...it had less shitty special effects. And the kid was out of the picture much faster....

Both were pretty stupid... but the action was more fun in OHF.

Olympus is the better movie

Oh, well, guess I'll be one of the few. Olympus has Fallen might have had the better action (and blood), sure, but it was also WAY more incompetently made. I've never seen a film introduce its characters through TEXT. That's pretty much the epitome of lazy screenwriting; two lines of text on the screen and voila, that's your introduction. Besides that, its effects were absolute shit and it took itself WAY too seriously. White House Down wasn't great, in fact it probably wasn't even good, but at least it had fun with its silly plot and overload of predictable action cliches. Both are stupid, but White House Down had at least fun being stupid.

Both great action films from 2013, that were a throw back to the 80's and 90's cheesy action films. I love them both equally. i can't choose between them.

"White House Down" gets the edge for being more fun while "Olympus Has Fallen" was too serious for it's own good at times and the cinematography was too rough (although "London Has Fallen" is a vast improvement that surpasses both of these movies)

Yes, very different films. However, I cannot rememeber if any of them has a black president in it. I do remember that Jack Nicholson does not play in any of them. So Mars Attacks would be better.