Sinister vs. Dawn of the Dead



Sinister was actually pretty fucking creepy. I think that it only tried for about one jump scare and that was it; the rest of the film was just full of creepiness. I'd rather have creepiness over jump scares any day. These two films in particular are right next to one another on my chart. I'll probably go with Sinister just because of the lawnmower scene. Damn.

I really liked Sinister, it was effectively creepy & atmospheric and that lawnmower scene was used damn well.

The lawnmower bit scared THE SHIT out of me. I was like, "When's he gonna go in the house?" There was no visible cut, so I'd assumed the kid was headed in the house. Imagine the look on my face when I found out where the kid was headed.

Sinister was pretty creepy. All the death scenes were very disturbing to the pool scene and lawn mower scene. Dawn of the Dead was okay. Sinister wins.

Both had a sucky ending (recycled, somewhat nonsensical jumpscare vs. credits that make the whole film seem pointless), but for the most part, they were good. I'm going with Snyder's Dawn.

They = the films, not the sucky endings.

Sinister was scarier, more original and had interesting lead and supporting performances. That said, it is the kind of movie where you find yourself increasingly frustrated and angry with the main character--which is actually pretty compelling. Having just seen the film, I do believe a recurring central image will be memorable.

Sinister was good, perhaps even very good...but....against Dawn of the Dead?

You do know we are talking about the remake of "Dawn of the Dead", right? I'm just asking because your question seems to hold the film in very high esteem.

sure but of addmint that for tovation of the dead

Yeah, I'm gonna go with the one that's not the pointless remake of a great film. Dawn of the Dead is plainly frustrating for most of the time, still I don't think it was really bad. Perhaps, I should've gone into it without expectations at all. But Sinister was way more involving, even if it went to a few too familiar places here and there.