Mean Streets vs. GoodFellas



A Scorsese face-off. It's not too much of a contest, but Mean Streets does show all the style and spirit of Goodfellas 17 years earlier. It just doesn't have the polish or Pesci.


Never cared for Mean Streets but Goodfellas was great.

I really, really like the both of these. I don't love them the way I do Taxi Driver or Raging Bull, but I really dig 'em. Part of me likes the personal stuff in Mean Streets more, but the other part of me prefers the pacing, the movement, and the Pesci of Goodfellas. I need to re-watch Goodfellas to see if I like it even more than I think I do, but re-watch or no re-watch, I'm going with Goodfellas on this one.

Goodfellas, without a doubt. Mean Streets might be my least favorite Scorsese and Goodfellas might be my favorite.

If there is anything about Mean Streets that is better than GoodFellas, I certainly can't think of it.

Mean Streets can't hang here...

Goodfellas is the complete version of Mean Streets 17 years later. With the addition of Joe Pesci.

Yeah I agree with everyone else Goodfellas is much better.

Hmm... maybe one day my Mean Streets infatuation will come to an end, but that day is not today.

"Mean Streets" is to "Goodfellas" as "Reservoir Dogs" is to "Pulp Fiction". For me, their breakout passion projects are near-perfect and do more with so much less.

Mean Streets is a damn fine film, but Goodfellas takes the win.

maybe if watched Mean Streets as much as I watch Goodfellas it would stand a chance but I doubt it Goodfellas is the perfect gangster flick.


Mean Streets was amazing but Goodfellas is perfect No contest here

Mean Streets is an overlooked gem but Goodfellas crushes here!

I'd say Goodfellas is the better film but i like Mean Streets more