Mean Streets vs. Dog Day Afternoon



Two great 70's crime films. Gritty, realistic, passionate. Character studies of men who get caught up in their worlds of sin and violence. It's a really tough call. Dog Day has a touch more polish, but even in Mean Street Scorsese's virtuosity is on display. Err... Ummm... ARGHH!!! Damn you flickchart!

THAT MOTHERFUCKER HAS THE SAME AVATAR AS ME. AND A SUPERIOR NAME. Also, Dog Day Afternoon is a classic. Mean Streets 'aint. Sorry.

Crime doesn't pay. Dog Day Afternoon is great. I love how the siege situation just sprials out of anyone's control into something that has a life of its own. Mean Streets is interesting, but the characters fail to spring to life in the way that Sonny and Sal do. Dog Day Afternoon wins.

Mean Streets is slower paced and leaves you with bad taste in your mouth. For that reason it wins by a nose!

mean sreets winssssss

Dog Day does it for me. The more coherent.

Dog Day Afternoon in a big way here...Mean Streets is pretty awful.

Pacino singlehandedly beats Scorsese/De Niro on this one.

I wouldn't say Mean Streets is awful, but Dog Dag Afternoon is the CLEAR winner. Yay for high pitched Pacino.

Hay! Dog Dag Afternoon! That was unintentional.

Mean Streets is such a better movie. Dog Day Afternoon was charming and funny but Mean Streets is one the best directorial debuts ever. Honestly didn't really like Dog Day Afternoon. Mean Streets is the clear winner.

Oh sorry Mean Streets is not his first movie.

Mean Streets for me.

Mean Streets all the way....

I've seen Mean Streets two or three times and it just doesn't work for me. I'm in the middle of re-visiting Dog Day Afternoon and it is brilliant. No contest. Pacino over De Niro here.

I thought Mean Streets was boring...

Dog Day Afternoon is a cinematic masterpiece! Investing story, superb acting and a lot of interesting concepts! While flawed, I still really liked Mean Streets!

Both great New York films, but Dog Day Afternoon is far more engaging and Pacino gives a tour de force