Chronicle vs. The Avengers



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Proof that this year will be the best superhero year ever

Two of my favorite films of 2012. It's close, but I'm going with The Avengers. Chronicle is extremely original and intelligent though.

Avengers. Yeah, Chronicle was good...but good ain't enough this time around...

Chronicle get this one easily, with no doubt whatsoever. No hate at all for "The Avengers".

Chronicle is a fantastic film! The Avengers is just a bit better at being fantastic.

Chronicle was great! But the Avengers edges out BARELY! Chronicle will always be the best found footage film

Both will probably be in my top 5 of 2012, but whereas The Avengers was a good, hearty romp (and expertly handled given the enormity of the task possessed by Joss Whedon), Chronicle, which I had my doubts about before purchasing it on DVD, having not seen it in the cinema, completely blew me away. I must emphasise that I do not use that phrase lightly as it really irritates me, but I really wish I had seen it in the cinema. I have issues with both, and The Avengers is probably a more consistent film, but the high points of Chronicle completely overshadow anything The Avengers had to offer. So I'm going to go with American Akira, but like I said, both will probably be in my Top 5 of 2012, or very close to it.


Chronicle had much stronger character development and it wad emotionally gripping. Worked great as both a character piece and a super hero film. Avengers was lots of fun, but I like my blockbusters with a little more substance.

Chronicle is about a whiny baby with a handheld camera. Surprisingly enjoyable for whst it is, but it's still about a bitch. But maybe loser bitches = substance.


A loser bitch is someone who is going through an awful time in his life? Alright then...

I felt for the kid. I didn't think I was going to feel much of anything, considering what the trailers gave us. The first hour, I thought it was a great bro movie turned Stand by Me-with-superpowers. If it had stayed that way, it would have been a fine movie, but then it turns into a modern Superman/Zod throwdown, with some Akira and a bit of "Pumped Up Kicks" thrown in, and I'm sold. I loved the three leads, and turning things tragic sealed the deal. I dug it. *shrug* The part where they learn to fly was fantastic. But I'd still have to go with The Avengers. It could have been a fucking disaster, but Marvel's kept their shit together the whole way through, so far, and Whedon just killed it. I knew he would. Seeing that movie was something I never thought would happen, but holy shit, it did. But that wouldn't have meant much if Whedon and Co. hadn't totally nailed it.

Yeah, alright indeed. Mofo reminds me of Chris Rock's skit on Columbine. "Weh! No-one will play with us. We have no friends. Weh!"

I think the emotional broadness kind of helps with its comic book-y-ness. It inflates it. DeHaan gets to be the broad "I've been wronged" supervillain. You know, Marvel Comics, like. And then Russell gets the Peter Parker/young Clark Kent arc and the whole responsibility bit.

Chronicle is the clear winner for me. Avengers is a lot of fun but Chronicle was so original and I was much more invested in the characters.