Toy Story 3 vs. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind



on 10/25/2012

Nice. Toy Story 3 is fantastic, but I can't put it above Miyazaki's early masterpiece.

on 12/13/2013


on 8/25/2015


on Nov 3

Toy Story 3 truly is fantastic, but it won't have the same effect if it was the first Toy Story movie I saw. Nausicaä was an experience, a fantastic trip through wonderlands and had me at the edge of my seat in a lot of situations. I loved its design, its characters, its setting. Everything is awesome about this little movie and I really can't point my finger at any flaw - if there's really ANY flaw. I don't know, it simply touched me on so many ways that I couldn't help myself but love this movie. These Japan guys really know how to do some animated movies.