Toy Story 3 vs. Shrek Forever After



Toy Story 3 is the better of the two movies. While both movies are sequels with tired plots, there is not much more in these franchises tanks than fumes, but Pixar demonstrates that it can soar while Dreamworks only drags . . .Both companies should stick to original fare such as Up and Kung Fu Panda.


Toy Story is a better franchise anyway and Toy Story 3 was really a charming sequel.

Toy Story 3 is a masterpiece. Shrek 4 barely had the soul and heart the first one had.


Toy Story films always win Shrek films.

Toy Story 3 simply blew Shrek off the screen and out of the cinema. Shrek picked a bad summer for his farewell.

I really enjoyed Shrek 4, but it's really hard to compete with Toy Story 3, which was funny, sad, and heart-warming at the same time.

No contest. Both fall short of reaching the same level of quality as their predecessors, but at least Toy Story 3 comes (very) close. Outside of the character voiced by Craig Robinson, I found Shrek Forever After unspeakably bad. I just wish I had tried to find a box-set of the first three before Shrek Forever After came out, because now you'll only be able to get all four together or buy them separately.

Shrek Forever After lacked the humor of the first three movies in the franchise (even Shrek the Third had plenty of laughs.) It's just a total bore. The near-brilliant Toy Story 3 wins big...

I loved Shrek Forever After, but it's still not even close to the Toy Stories, so Toy Story 3 wins here.