Toy Story 3 vs. Toy Story 2



Having spoken about Toy Story 3 on end already in the Toy Story, Toy Story 3 match-up, I won't repeat myself. What I will say about this match-up, however, is that it pits the funniest of the trilogy against one another. Toy Story 2's polish, surprising considering the circumstances under which it was made, and heart tip the scales in its favor, however. If only all of Toy Story 3 was as good as its second half, I'd be singing a different tune, but, alas, it is not, so my vote goes to Toy Story 2.

Just saw Toy Story 3 yesterday, and I am in awe. In awe, of course, with the quality of the animation, the quality of the humor (my personal favorite funny moment from the entire trilogy is in part 3), and the quality of the story. But mostly, I am in awe with how much Pixar has DEVASTATED me. Seriously, at this point, I have been nearly traumatized by Toy Story 3. I don't know what, exactly, it was, but this movie put me through an emotional wringer. It was like Pixar took Jessie's heartbreaking song and tale of her abandonment from Toy Story 2 (which still gets me every time), and hammered me with it at least half a dozen times through TS3's run time. I think, in terms of the quality of production, TS3 is on par with the first two Toy Stories, but for the first time, I didn't want to watch a Pixar film again as soon as I'd finished it, and thus, for now, it may rank last with me among their work. My hat's off to Pixar for an extremely powerful work.


I loved Toy Story 3, but I feel a lot of its themes were recycled from Toy Story 2. So, because of that, it didn't really surprise me. I'll go with Toy Story 2.

The Toy Story trilogy has to be the most consistent trilogy of films ever made. I find it almost impossible to separate them. That's amazing considering they were made over a span of 15 years during which time CGI technology marched forward at an ever increasing pace. Out of these two I find that Toy Story 3 has the more interesting story, so it's that one that I'm picking.

A dozen viewings down the road, Toy Story 2 remains the funniest of the three. However, something I felt at the time I first saw it, and on every viewing since, was that it lacked the neccesary subtlety with the emotional content. Additionally, Jesse is frequently quite irritating. Toy Story 3, after a single viewing, suffers from neither of these problems - whether this will be the case 11 years from now remains to be seen, but for the moment, Toy Story 3 just edges it. P.S. The 3D was utterly pointless.

choosing between the toy story movies is the hardest thing in the world. all top class, all instant classics, all amazing movies that i would enjoy watching over and over again. I do believe the first is the superior, but to choose between the sequals? that's an impossible task. for now, i'll go with 2, because it has become a classic, and it will take toy story 3 some time to sink in.

I'm certainly not as big of a Toy Story fan as most people are (which might be due to the fact that I watched Toy Story 1 and 2 for the very first time in 2010 as an adult), but I really enjoyed all three movies. Between part 1 and 2, I could probably hardly choose, yet Toy Story 3 is different. Overall, it's probably not THAT much better than its two predecessors, but it had one or two epic, strongly emotional moments which, for me, were probably unrivaled in movie history, as I had never seen anything similar before. That doesn't make Toy Story 3 one of my all-time favourites, but it definitely helps putting it way above the other two parts on my list.

Toy Story 3 tops 2 for me. One of the great "jail break" movies of all time, as well as an emotional conclusion....

I rank them like this: 1,3,2

Both are very good movies, but Toy Story 3 is the better film. It is a movie that is hard to beat. It was everything that I expected and more. There are only a few movies that mess with my emotions and this is one of them.

Toy Story 3 was the weakest of the Toy Story films, and that's not really saying much seeing how all three of them are 5 star flicks.

I was entertained by Toy Story 2, but #3 had me welling up by the out of both joy and sadness. A perfect ending to a grand trilogy. my ranking: 3, 1, 2

I agree with JRM. Toy Story 3 is great, but I think it was pretty similar to Toy Story 2 in terms of themes. Still... it's hard to say. The ending of Toy Story 3 totally kills me but I think I enjoy Toy Story 2 more.

Both of these movies have so much heart to them it's hard to pick. But overall the comedy was better in 2 while the drama was better in 3. I prefer to laugh over cry, so 2 gets my pick.

Toy Story 3 is my favorite in the series.

Contrary to the average opinion, I enjoyed Toy Story 2 less than the other two Toy Stories. It's still a very solid film, but it's not quite up to par with many of Pixar's other films. That being said, I pick Toy Story 3.


weird random pairing. 3 is better though... in this rare occasion

Toy Story 2 for me. Prospector Pete is a better antagonist than Lotso and also I like Wayne Knight.

Toy Story 2 hasn't held up for me. The more I thinks of it, the less I'm impressed.

Hard choice but it has to go to Toy Story 3.

3>2>1, but they are all right in a row.

^ Exactly.

Toy Story 2 easily wins.

All Toy Story movies are, to me, masterpieces and defined not only my childhood but my teenage years. Toy Story 3 is an epic conclusion however contains one scene that I strongly dislike at the end: Andy's farewell. For some reason, I detested the old Andy whereas Toy Story 2 introduced two of my favorite characters: Jesse and Bullseye For now, Toy Story 2!

Toy Story 3 wins for me. I thought that 2 was the worst in the series (but they are all great). It had a beautiful song and classic scenes but didn't come together as well as Toy Story 3 did.

Toy Story: the most consistent film trilogy to ever be produced. Fact.

Fact indeed.

TS 3 for me

I'm changing to TS 2 simply more watchability! I love the entire trilogy but I'm now thinking whether or not TS 3 is the weakest and TS 2 is the best!

Toy Story 3 is the best in a series where a series where all are first class. Toy Story 3 has something that the first 2 did not have and that was a antagonist. was weak. Sid in Toy Story 1 was not really the antagonist. You could augured for 3/4 of the movie Woody was! Toy Story 2 the chicken suit guy and Prospector Pete just did not get the job done. Toy Story 3 hit it on the head and why it is the best!

All three Toy Story films are in my top 20. The first is my favorite followed by 3 and then 2 comes in last. All three are phenomenal.

Both are fantastic, but TS2 takes the gold.

Toy Story 2 is better for two reasons. 1. It's characters are in the adventure for the safety of their friends, in the third one there isn't as much on the line except for one scene that I like to call the termination scene, which just comes across as forced. 2. The third one lacks the innocence of a young Andy. I mean sure, Andy is in the second one for the least amount of time, but his younger selfs presence is still there. 3. The main characters do not have any character development, I mean sure they don't need it because their personalities are already developed, but that just makes them come across as less adventurous. Overall they are both great, but Toy Story 2 is just the better film.

Toy Story 3 is overall more impressive to me. I have watched Toy Story 2 much more and it still holds up greatly, but 3 is a better movie in my opinion.

Toy Story 2.

Toy Story 2. I love all three of these, but Toy Story 2 is a bit better. It had more emotional storytelling and was a great adventure. For me the order goes 1,2,3.

Both were great but TS2 is perfect while TS3 overdid the emotional aspect a bit.

Toy Story 3 is better

Jesse's When Somebody Loved Me was the most beautiful and sad moment in Pixar history until Up, but Toy Story 3 is the better film that was sealed with it's perfect ending with the gifting of the Toys to the sweetest young girl in the franchise.

Choosing between the Toy Story films are so hard. TS2 was the funniest, but TS3 had the emotion that pulled at your heartstrings.

The best Toy Story vs. The worst ?

Toy Story 3 is the more emotionally engaging film, though TS2 has a few strong emotional moments too. However, I just feel like TS2 offers the greater entertainment. At this stage in my life, I'm taking TS2.

Toy Story 3 is better than Toy Story 2.

As for this one I as I like all three films but here I perfer as the third for the best for me cause it is more charming and a better decent well made story.

toy story 3 is my favorite toy story film


Both not good but 3 is a lot worse

Going with Toy Story 3 can’t wait for part 4 comes.

I love all Toy Story movies. But I think I'm going with Toy Story 2.

1 > 2 > 3 > 4.

Toy Story 3 is pretty decent but doesn't have the nostalgia that Toy Story or Toy Story 2 had.

Toy Story 2 hands down.