United 93 vs. World Trade Center



I saw these movies back-to-back. (Thankfully, not on the same day.) I'm not ashamed to say, both made me cry. However, United 93 was a far more visceral and, for lack of a better word, REAL experience to me. It's a superior film, though, perhaps, harder to watch.

Neither of these movies are any good. WTC gets points for being less obvious in its unoriginality and exploitation of tragedy. United 93 is perhaps the most superfluous film ever made.

Ugh, they both sucked.

For the truth about 9/11, watch "911 in Plane Site". The two films above are fictionalized versions of an already fictionalized story called 9/11. Believing what you heard on TV about that day without questioning any of it is the worst thing you could ever do.

It's a little bit tacky to pit these two films against each other on September 11. Yes, I know the subject matter is appropriate but this feels like trivializing rather than honouring.

Both were good but I think United 93 was the greater achievement.


I have not seen World Trade Center, but United 93 is one of the most powerful films I've ever seen and will probably ever see again. It's a great movie.

I have to agree with BlackSheep32 on this one. I usually like the themed face offs, but this one's a little insensitive.

This matchup seems to be in poor taste...

It was meant purely as a discussion point as to which (if either) of the films did justice to what they were trying to achieve - it was not meant to offend. Apologies if anyone took it as such.

Faking multiple parts of a "terrorist" attack, and then blaming it all on a guy with a beard - that's in poor taste.

It might be in poor taste that the movies were made at all. But putting them up for discussion isn't really in poor taste.

I'm more offended by movies like Transformers or Epic Movie than United 93 or WTC.


United 93. One of the most harrowing films I have ever seen.

United 93 was one of the toughest films to watch. On one hand it was engaging, but on the other it was simply exhausting. World Trade Center is a much better film in my opinion, with a brighter feel about it. It's the side of the disaster that's much easier to watch.

The events of September 11 are shrouded in myth, that's the only reason these two films are held in reverential regard. When the truth comes out and it will -- as very eloquently put by UncleFok -- they will be seen for the worthless propaganda they are.

United 93 is such a unique "based on a true story" disaster film in which the film never attempts at any real characterization and there's no real plot (other than the moment-to-moment proceedings of the horrors that took place that fateful morning) and for both reasons, it's such a courageous film. Paul Greengrass could just as easily have created the more cliche, Oscar-baity film (though it was still nominated for some Academy Awards) but he gave the film such an identity. I've now seen United 93 twice and both times, it floors me just how appropriately the film is paced and the 'real time' narrative strategy absolutely works in benefit of this film. While I was too young (and living in a different part of the world) on that morning, watching this film feels like a fairly accurate representation of how I probably would have felt if I followed the news that morning. Some people regard United 93 as trash and that it was nothing more than an attempt to make money off a tragedy but I view it as an important historical document for how that day (probably) went down, and not really just in terms of the events aboard the flight but the sort of shockwaves it created across a country. WORLD TRADE CENTRE, on the other hand, is in every conceivable sense, cliched where United 93 is not though I'd be lying if there weren't a few moments in that film that got to me, however melodramatic and ridiculous it was.


United 93 was the more realistic and effective film.

Never forget. God Bless those souls that were taken and CONTINUE to Bless their families.

My sincere commiserations to the victims of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay.

I'm here for the movies...not political rhetoric....

And God Bless the USA!