Galaxy Quest vs. Spaceballs



Ooh, Star War's Parody Vs. Star Trek Parody. While I think Spaceballs is the more beloved, I think Galaxy Quest was slightly better.

Spaceballs is not made me laugh only once. Galaxy quest gave me a big smile when it was over. It's a very funny and enjoyable movie. And that's coming from someone who hasn't seen a single Star Trek episode and has seen only one Star Trek movie (First contact).

Star Trek parody vs. Star Wars parody... got to go with Spaceballs on this one, sorry Trek!

HARD HARD choice! I'll leave it to my flickchart's order, which I believe has Spaceballs ranked slightly higher.

Easy peasy. Even Sigourney Weaver couldn't help Galaxy Quest here

I'm due for a rewatch on Spaceballs, but in this battle of sci-fi parodies, GQ will take the cake.

Spaceballs, easily, for me...

I'll just leave it up to my list

which one do I enjoy more? Hmm... I think the problem is, spaceballs has been played to DEATH and it`s lost a lot of its charm because of that. going with Galaxy Quest