Red State vs. Blue State



What are the odds? I haven't seen Blue State but I couldn't resist commenting on here.

I haven't seen either but also had to leave a comment to a matchup like this. It's crazy that Reelz only got this matchup about an hour ago, even crazier that I got it in the rank movies section as well.

Not to point out the obvious, but this is a pre-designed match-up specifically for the election.

That's funny


Heh, neat. Haven't seen either, but I have to comment.

Surely the release of Halo 4 is the most important thing about today. Anyway, the rest of us are keeping one eye on you 'mericans so don't fuck it up.

good news, the black imperialist corporate asshole won instead of the white imperialist corporate asshole, let's all feel diverse and cultured for a couple days

There's no arguing with the veracity of what the Fokmeister is saying. Yeah, I'm an advocate of both voter apathy (because I can't muster up enough of a fuck to give) and principled abstinence (because I subscribe to the South Park school of political candidate appreciation), but it's a little different when I cast my gaze towards the other side of the pond. Even as a romantic capitalist, I find the gulf in idiocy between your two major parties is alarming.