Disturbia vs. There Will Be Blood



There Will Be Blood is absolutely perfect in ever way.

There Will Be Blood is an overrated hunk of poo, in my opinion. Even though Disturbia is a modern rip off of Rear Window, I'm still taking it. Not even Daniel Day-Lewis can save TWBB.

I agree with you 100% mrbrown

altho disturbia was no gem either, but it was entertaining

Disturbia started good but turned into your usual slasher flick towards the end.Disturbia had that kid from Transformers and TWBB had Daniel-Day Lewis.Need I say more?

So the standing for Disturbia vs. There Will Be Blood, is 3-2 in favor of Disturbia. Congratulations, you have convinced me to never use this site again.


now 3-2

Damm I wish I had a neighborhood like the one in Disturbia! For me it's Disturbia all the way