The Mummy Returns vs. The Mummy



The first one was definitely the best of the series! It was a lot of fun but the others gradually lost it...

I like both. But the first one is definitely the best one.

I enjoyed both, but the first one is more fun to watch.

The 2nd one is a guilty pleasure of mine, but I can say without a doubt that the first one wins.

I so agree the first one is off the charts! In a good way

from mummy series i like the 1st one ,the 2nd&3rd doesnt enjoy me that mach

The first one is far superior.

Possibly the widest gap in quality between original and sequel.

I find this really interesting, because I just watched these very recently (I know I saw the first one before, but couldn't remember it, and had never seen the second), and I was just thinking they're pretty much the same damn movie. I mean, I couldn't discern any difference in quality whatsoever, so I can actually think of a couple of things to make me pick the sequel: Rachel Weisz is hotter and kicks more @$$, I rather liked the plucky kid, I thought the Army of Anubis was kinda cool, and I have a soft spot for The Rock. (But why the hell didn't they use his actual face on the CGI Scorpion King in the finale...?) Seriously...what's the difference? Because they're both just silly.

Just another deplorable Hollywood blockbuster franchise, but I guess the first one is slightly not as bad...

I loved them both.

I used to enjoy the second one more, probably because it really was a case of "more is more". But then again, aside from cranking up the action a little, the second one really is a massive rehash of the first, and structurally differs very little, aside from irritating child and CGI Dwayne Johnson. I guess I'd need to see the second one again to really judge; like I said before, I enjoyed it more as a kid, but haven't seen it in ages, but I just saw the first one and despite some harsh comments in the past, it reminded me of what I actually liked about these films, in that they are very dumb, but also a lot of fun. But most importantly, they are VERY self-aware, which is to be commended in many ways. So for now (and probably forever now that I'm no longer a teenager), the first one wins.

I like them both, but the original is definitely better.

The Mummy Returns is good but The Mummy is better

The original. The best.

Both were fun with cool action and creatures got to be the first one its the best.

The first film tajes awhile to get into. I just bought the trilogy BluRay set at Wal-Mart last bight. I so I'm rewatching the first 2 and skipping part 3 for obvious reasons. But I love Returns more. Its a lot more fun and doesn't involve stupid scenes likethe donino effect book shelf in the beginning of the original. Seriously what the fuck. Although Benny doesn't return in the sequel at least from what I remember. I'm watching Returns as we speak. makes up having The Rock.

The Mummy Returns is better in my opinion. I'm sequel lover sometimes.

The sequel feels very much like a cash grab (though not as much as Mummy 3). It has and does almost everything from original, but I don't think that it handles these things as well. This is more a matter of personal taste, though, than an objective ruling. I think that The Mummy performed best when it was a horror-comedy flick and began to flag in its final act, as it transitioned into adventure-comedy, but The Mummy Returns is an adventure film all the way, so of course I'm not going to like it as much. (On that note, I'm curious whether it's possible to predict which of the two films someone will prefer, based solely on which part of the original they like the most) The timeline gives me a headache, by the way. How could Anck-su-namun's spirit be conjured from the underworld and into her mummy when, according to the second film, she had been reincarnated as a thirty- or forty-year-old woman at that point? And Alex doesn't really feel like a seven-year-old, which is an unforced error on their part: if the best actor you can find for the role is ten years old, why not just set the film in 1936?

Rachel Weisz is so much more bearable as Evy in Returns than in The Mummy.


The first film is just......better.