Captain America: The First Avenger vs. Spider-Man 2



Both of these are good films, but Captain America gains the edge thanks to the sheer likability of its protagonist, as well as the non-broody nature of the film, something so rare in superhero films these days.

no contest, SM2 slaughterstomps TFA

Yep. Spider-Man 2 is way better than The First Avenger, Spider-Man 2 is corny but has a great plot. The First Avenger does not

TFA is one of the better MCU movies imho, but SM2 is simply one the best (if not 'the' best) superhero movies ever made, period.

Spider-Man 2 without a doubt, I have complained about it’s shortcomings but it’s easily better than the first Captain America movie

TFA is overrated as hell, one of the worst mcu movie

Spider-Man 2 is better than any MCU movies

i don’t adore first avenger is bad but spiderman 2 has the edge