Captain America: The First Avenger vs. Raiders of the Lost Ark



Well, a lot of people are calling Captain America very much like Raiders and I agree. Cap's director worked on both films. Raiders is a pure classic and Cap is an instant classic. Head says Raiders for sure but heart is saying take Cap as the underdog. "Let Hitler dig for his trinkets in the desert..." (Great Raiders reference in Cap)

I really REALLY love both films and Captain America does mirror Raiders in tone and charisma but you have to vote with Indy on sentiment value alone.

Radiers wins easy

Raiders isn't just a better action-adventurer, but it has better supporting characters, a better lead and intriguing plot twists.

Both have a very similar feel. Cap is great, but Raiders is amazing.

How to choose between pure classics like these two???

Captain America: The First Avenger.

Haha. Cap. America is a very bad movie and i think its one of the 5 worst marvel movies and indy os one of the best movies of all time

Same tone. Both great. This is why they invented cinema.