Captain America: The First Avenger vs. Superman Returns



I'm one of those guys who liked Superman Returns. This is kind of difficult :/ Captain America is fresher in my mind.

You could run just the sound from Captain America and it would beat Superman Returns. You'd think the WB would start to try and at least copy the Marvel formula at this point but instead they keep throwing movies like Superman Returns, Catwoman, Jonah Hex, Green Lantern, etc at the screen and making us all sick. Marvel rented some of their characters and got served crap like Elektra and Punisher War Zone but learned as others butchered their properties. As a result, great films like Iron Man, Cap and Thor have hit because they learned a lesson. Too bad the WB can't seem to figure it out.

Captain America beats Superman Returns into the ground. No contest.

The Cap crushes Superman in this battle.

Superman cant beat Capt America in this round the shield is too powerful!

I actually enjoy Superman Returns more than most people seem to. It's no where near perfect but I enjoy it for what it is. Even so, I think Captain America pulls away with this one.

honestly liked SR way more, there isn't a scene in TFA that comes close to the plane scene

Superman Returns is pretty fine.

Superman Returns definitely isn't the worst Superman movie out there, but it has more flaws than I'm capable of overlooking. TFA is no masterpiece, but it's clearly the more solid movie here.