Captain America: The First Avenger vs. The Rocketeer



A classic match because the director did boh films. You can tell because both are fun and full of heart and soul.

Captain America is the spiritual successor to the Rocketeer--same director, vaguely similar plot, very similar tone. I probably prefer the Rocketeer.

Have not seen the rocketer. It looks cool. He looks like the character from the video game dark void. Saw captain America for the first time last night to prepare for the avengers. I must say captain America is brave and valiant. Great movie.

Captain America is the better film but what needs be mentioned is the female leads in both films. Does Johnston know how to cast or what??? Hayley Atwell and Jennifer Connelly are achingly beautiful in these period pieces. Every guy that watches both HAS to fall in love a little with each character.

I thought the Rocketeer was far better....

Captain America was far from perfect, but I couldn't get into The Rocketeer at all.

Joe Johnston sure knows how to direct them period superhero movies. Both of these movies are extremely enjoyable, but Captain America is clearly the winner. Cliff just can't beat Steve.

Agree, both of these movies are extremely enjoyable but Captain America is clearly the better film.

As time has pasted and I've seen both films again, I still vote Cap but really do appriciate Johnston's flare on Rocketeer.

Two generic films by the guy who directed Wolfman and that turd, er, third Jurassic Park film.

Can;t say I was too impressed with Captain America. The Rocketeer wins easily, even if I don't remember a whole lot of it.

I wanted to like The Rocketeer, but it was just so underwhelming. Easy choice...

Very easy choice...

Superb movies depicting an era made for adventure movies.