Captain America: The First Avenger vs. Black Panther



Black Panther

Captain America First Avenger easily is the better film.

Cap: First Avenger is honestly the better origin movie and better movie alltogether.

BP by a hair i guess, both overrated as hell

The First Avenger by far

Black panther mainly for nostalgia, first mcu novice i ever saw

I mean...I'm pretty happy with both...

Black Panther is a better superhero origin movie in nearly every way. Better villian, better action, better soundtrack, deeper themes, much more rewatchable. First Avenger dosen't have as much dodgy CGI though, and Chris Evans is really good in it, but there's not much competition

black panther very better

Black Panther was mid. TFA is underrated.

Black Panther is the (barely) better movie, but also the more disappointing movie seeing how the critics claimed Black Panther as the "one of the best" superhero movies ever made